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Smile Systems Provider Program


As a licensed partner of Smile Systems and a certified 3 on 6™ provider, you will  be able to focus on fewer cases and generate more revenue. Many dentists who become 3 on 6™ certified transition in a short time from providing general care, to exclusively providing implants and full mouth restorations. Licensed 3 on 6™ providers find they have greater job satisfaction doing the most challenging treatment and being industry pioneers and leaders in full mouth restorative treatment.

Over many years, we’ve been perfecting the entire process of providing 3 on 6™ treatment to patients. Every 3 on 6™ licensed provider receives access to this proven process. These services include training, lab services, marketing, and ongoing support.


The Smile Systems Institute was originally founded as a way to help general dentists become specialists in implant dentistry and 3 on 6™ smile restoration. Today, dozens of doctors have benefitted from our training courses and support networks.

To become a licensed 3 on 6™ provider, clinicians must first complete the course titled Full Mouth Rehabilitation: 3 on 6™. This course includes in-class instruction as well as hands on surgical training with actual patients. Your confidence and competence in providing 3 on 6™ treatment are crucial and we will ensure your training will provide you the skills to succeed. At this training, we will also train one of your assistants so that they can make your 3 on 6™ cases simple and successful. 


It is also important that your office staff understands the 3 on 6™ process so they can help increase treatment plan acceptance. We train your staff in 3 on 6™ treatment plan presentation and resolving concerns. In addition, we have produced videos and print materials that help ensure a convincing and professional presentation. 


“My patients love the 3 on 6. I can’t tell you how many times someone breaks down in tears in the dental chair or sends me a thank you card in the mail. It’s been very rewarding.”

Dr. David Brooks, DMD

Brookside Dental


One of the keys to providing affordable full mouth options to your patients is your ability to get quality and cost effective lab. As a licensed 3 on 6™ provider, you have exclusive access to Smile Systems Dental Studio, the only the 3 on 6™ dental lab in the world.


Best-in-industry technology coupled with our scale of production allows us to be more efficient and offer lab work that is superior in quality and less expensive than industry averages. A custom surgical guide for perfect implant placement will be provided for every case, making your job as a doctor that much easier. A thorough, step-by-step training of our impressions system by our lab professionals will ensure that they get good data, which will provide your office with perfect restorations for your patients. 

“I went from running around seeing 20 to 30 patients a day to now I see a few consults most days and follow ups from surgeries. Other days I got one patient and do an extreme level of production. It’s life changing work and it’s exactly what I want to be doing.”
Dr. Lance Dehne, DDS
Grand Valley Dentistry


The goal of our marketing program is to get you as many 3 on 6™ cases as you can and want to handle. Every dentist knows that fancy offices and degrees are worthless without patients to treat. After years of managing advertising campaigns for our 3 on 6™ offices, we have built systems and processes to get qualified high value cases in the door. 

With media production, paid ad management, lead generation sales cycle tools, and in-office materials, Smile Systems Marketing generates full mouth rehabilitation cases better than anyone else. Our marketing department is the best at what they do, allowing you to focus on being the best at what you do: providing life-improving treatment.

“Within the first two days of marketing we got over 130 leads and turned that into five closed cases right away. We've had some people drive from out of state and we've been able to close them. The marketing team has just been great!”
Dr. Alexander Shore, DDS
Signature Smile Arts


Our success is directly tied to your success. Unlike most dental courses that simply provide a training course, our Provider Program offers all of the above services as well as ongoing medical and office support.


If you have questions about an upcoming surgery, our clinicians are only a phone call away. If your office manager is having a hard time getting patients to accept treatment, we will provide sales training. Every provider gets access to our online support groups where clinicians are able to help and support each other. We are committed to your continued success.


Happy Patients.
Happier Docs.

Imagine getting tear-filled hugs every time you finish a case, and working less! Our training, marketing, and support services ensure that each 3 on 6™ provider is equipped for success.

What do 3 on 6™ Providers Get?

  • Listed on as a licensed provider 

  • Weekly, quarterly, and yearly updates in techniques, procedures, and instruments to ensure you stay far ahead of the curve. 

  • Receive one-on-one support from our expert clinicians, including HIPPA compliant communication tools to communicate live with our team.

  • For some providers we are able to offer a complimentary BioHorizons Universal Surgical Kit AND Guided Surgical Kit (a $9,500+ value) 

  • Exclusive access to Smile Systems Dental Studio as well as discounted pricing on surgical products and tools. 

  • Exclusive access to Smile Systems Marketing to generate leads and consultations.

  • Opportunity to become a Fellow, Master, or Diplomat in Full-Mouth Implant Rehabilitation via Smile Systems Institute. 


We took four of the most recently opened 3 on 6™ offices and compiled the data of their 3 on 6™ revenues over the first 4 months of the offices opening. In the first month of operation the offices collectively averaged $15,000 of new 3 on 6™ revenue and by month four the offices were collectively averaging $88,000 in new 3 on 6™ revenue.


The office operating schedule can also have a significant effect on the revenues. The first three offices in this data set were open four days a week while the fourth office was only open 2 days a week (the dentist was fulfilling a commitment to his previous employer). While the limited availability of the fourth office certainly had an affect on its revenue, it’s worth noting that the office was still able to generate nearly $75,000 in 3 on 6 revenue by the fourth month in spite of the schedule limitations.

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