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Company Overview

At Smile Systems, we lead the way in FP1 education and implementation for dental professionals worldwide. Through comprehensive classroom and live surgical training, we empower dental professionals to excel in conservative restorative dental options that prioritize patient care and avoid unnecessary bone removal.


Our training goes beyond theory to include practical turnkey lab solutions, robust remote and on-site support, and effective lead generation strategies. We are committed to redefining full arch restoration by championing innovative approaches, including segmented bridges such as our renowned 3 on 6™ and 4 on 8 treatments, setting new standards in dental excellence and patient satisfaction.

Our Story

Utah Smile Clinic


After graduating from dental school at NYU in 2011, Randy Roberts' older brother, John, convinced him to come home to Utah to create a dental practice. Utah was not the easiest location to start a new dental office, but as the two youngest of eight children, they preferred keeping the family close, even if it meant a greater struggle carving out their spot in the dental industry. The brothers found a bank-owned dental office in Taylorsville and together they purchased the practice and formed Utah Smile Clinic.


Dr. Roberts began offering all the typical services that general dentists do, including fillings, crowns, veneers, and clear aligners. His curiosity about various technologies and treatments led him to explore into other specialties. He began taking dental implant courses and his mind was opened to the possibilities of restorative dentistry. Dr. Roberts began filling his schedule with dental implant cases and after placing his first hundred, he realized he had a real talent for it. Whether it was a simple extraction and replacement or a difficult case with years of bone loss, he could place implants and restore teeth with confidence. To his surprise, after a few months, Dr. Roberts had become the top dental implant provider in the state of Utah.

3 on 6™


As demand for his services grew, so did the complexity of the cases presented to him. In 2013, Dr. Roberts’ cousin came to him with a challenging situation. A lifetime of poor habits had destroyed his teeth and he needed help. Feeling hopeless, he showed his dentist cousin the treatment plan that another implant provider had given him: $80,000 for an All-on-4 smile restoration!


Not only did Dr. Roberts understand the prohibitive costs of smile restoration, but he was well aware of the problems that the All-on-4 treatment option presented. It almost always required the amputation of healthy bone in the patient’s mouth to create space for the denture portion of the restoration. It also trapped food, causing bad breath and requiring it to be removed with expensive cleanings. He also didn't have great confidence in the long-term health of the method. The All-on-4 splinted the patient’s bone to the prosthetic, causing the bone to continue to deteriorate over time due to lack of bone stimulation.


Dr. Roberts couldn’t accept that the All-on-4 was the best option for his cousin. He had replaced hundreds of teeth with implants, restored with crowns or bridges, and none of them required bone removal to make space for a denture. The thought occurred to him, “I think I can replace all of his teeth with bridges.”


Over many months, Dr. Roberts engineered what he believed would be a better, more hygienic, more affordable, teeth replacement option. It consisted of six implants with three bridges permanently secured to them, repeated on the top and bottom of the mouth. It would replace all the teeth in the mouth using implants and bridges and without the need for bone removal or fake gums. He called it, 3 on 6™.


On January 28, 2014, which also happened to be Dr. Roberts’ birthday, he performed the very first 3 on 6™ treatment on his cousin. The procedure was a success and cost a fraction of the All-on-4 treatment plan. Over the following months and years, more patients began requesting similar treatment. Dr. Roberts worked tirelessly to refine his methods and processes, going as far as meeting with major dental implant manufacturers to get them to make improvements to dental components that he was using in his surgeries.

Smile Systems


As the popularity of the 3 on 6™ treatment option grew outside of Utah, other dentists began noticing Dr. Roberts' work and the raving reviews from his patients. These dentists began requesting information on how to provide this revolutionary treatment to their own patients. In 2019, Smile Systems was formed with the goal or proliferating the 3 on 6™ treatment concept as an alternative to dentures and All-on-4.


Through its Institute, Smile Systems began training doctors in the state of the art dental technology and methods required to offer 3 on 6™ treatment. After completing the rigorous hands-on training, dentists began to offer this alternative treatment to their patients as authorized 3 on 6™ Providers.


In addition, the Smile Systems Dental Studio was founded as a cutting edge dental lab, assisting dentists in creating beautiful and permanent dental outcomes. Marketing and support departments were created to help dentists successfully navigate the transition from general dentist to full mouth restoration experts.

Today, brothers John and Randy Roberts have continued to push the growth further, building out multiple dental offices under the “Smile Clinic” name and adding dozens of authorized 3 on 6™ providers across the United States and Canada. Thousands of people every year now have a more affordable, more hygienic, and more natural feeling smile restoration option, thanks to the work done at Smile Systems.

You can see a full list of authorized 3 on 6™ providers here.

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