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Smile Systems Marketing

Our goal is to make providing 3 on 6™ treatment your full time job. Regardless of how much you know or how impressive your office is, success depends on having patients. With years of managing advertising campaigns for our 3 on 6™ providers, we have built proven systems and processes to get qualified patients in the door. 


Our media production team has created thousands of pieces of marketing media including videos, photos, 3D models, billboards, radio ads, and more. Our library of content is always growing and we are always running A/B testing to make sure we are using the most effective ads possible. This library of proven lead-generating content is available exclusively to 3 on 6™ licensed partners.



We manage the ad campaigns for each provider, deciding how and where the ads should run to create the greatest return on investment. This relieves the providers from the burden of becoming experts in the various advertising platforms and the ever-changing marketing landscape. We manage advertising campaigns that include social media, online search, billboards, mailers, radio, television, and more.



After generating the leads, we assist your team in scheduling consultations by providing modern tools and technologies that maximize the consultation potential of every lead. Leads flow into a customer relationship management software (CRM) that your staff can access. The CRM is setup to allow your staff to neatly and effectively make contact with and schedule patients for consultations. Automated features like texts and emails reduce the tedious work of reaching out to leads.



We help improve the consultation experience through the use of in-office marketing materials. These materials help reinforce the marketing message and orient the patients so they feel confident in their decision to pursue treatment. Some of the marketing materials include informational booklets on 3 on 6™ treatment, booklets on caring for a 3 on 6™ smile, post-operative instruction cards, posters comparing treatment options, licensed provider signage, and treatment plan presentation folders. We also have informational and marketing videos that can be made available to play on televisions or tablets within your office. 



Your budget for marketing is your decision and can be adjusted at any time. There are no long-term contracts, just a month-to-month service incentivizing us to do a good job and earn your business. If you've ever worked with a marketing company in the past, we know you will be pleasantly surprised by the service and results we deliver. 



Ryan Haldeman
Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Haldeman studied media arts, graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts from Brigham Young University in 2008. He later completed a Masters in Business Administration from Utah Valley University in 2013. Professionally, Ryan began working in sales and advertising in 2005. After a successful year of door-to-door sales, Ryan launched his own sales company, contracting with firms to grow their client base. He is a Facebook certified marketing professional and manages ad spend on multiple platforms and mediums including social media, online search, billboard, radio, tv, and more.


John Uibel
Video Producer

John Uibel studied at Utah Valley University and graduated at Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2020 with an Associate of Applied Science with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Communication Essentials. Having produced digital media professionally for over 10 years, his experience running his own production company has led him to work with a wide variety of clientele producing, shooting, editing, photography, videography, and drone operations. John loves helping others by sharing their transformational stories through media production.


Adriana Partida
Scheduling Coordinator

Adriana has been with Smile Systems since 2020. Adriana manages scheduling consultations and fields inbound calls from interested parties. She also assists in training staff members of our providers in how to use our technologies to better communicate with and schedule patients for consultations. She has her certificate in dental assisting and speaks both English and Spanish fluently, allowing her to serve more members of our community. 

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