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Full Arch Rehabilitation: 3 on 6™

January 17-20, 2024 (0 seats left)

March 20-23, 2024 (0 seats left)

May 15-18, 2024 (0 seats left)

September 11-14, 2024 (4 seats left)

December 11-14, 2024 (4 seats left)

Course Description

This 32 CE hour course is designed to get you proficient in using implant-retained bridges to restore a full arch of dentition using the 3 on 6™ treatment concept. This is an in-person course but also includes online accessible portions that can be accessed in preparation for the training course. The course includes lectures, group discussions, treatment planning, hands-on activities, hands-on surgeries, and a recreational event.

Doctors are also invited to bring their lead assistant to be trained so that they can do all of the tasks they are capable of doing so you can maximize your time treating patients.

The course cost is $20,000. There is an additional cost of $5,000 to become a licensed 3 on 6™ provider after successful completion of the course. There are no refunds. If you have a scheduling conflict we can reschedule you for a future training.

Course Objectives

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 

  • Understand and be able to properly diagnose and treatment plan fully edentulous and partially edentulous patients  

  • Demonstrate ability to provide intraoral and extraoral clinical and radiographic comprehensive examinations  

  • Understand Cone Beam CT images and be able to plan full-mouth implant cases  

  • Comprehend the various patient, environmental, medical, and prescription medication factors that affect short- and long-term success with implants  

  • Know the main treatment options for full-arch and full-mouth implant rehabilitation and the considerations for preventing and managing complications  


Surgical Concepts for Success 

  • Review and be able to describe all the instruments and materials required for successful tooth and bone management  

  • Understand dental anesthesia options and interactions with patient’s medical and drug history  

  • Demonstrate effective and efficient exodontia principles  

  • Explain considerations of implant osseointegration, the surgical procedures, and when denture versus immediate load should be provided  

  • Properly provide soft and hard tissue grafting, using PRF, and biologic materials for long-term success  

  • Be able to explain and demonstrate proper suturing and post-op management of healing and potential complications  


Prosthodontic Concepts for Success 

  • Comprehend the Four Cornerstones of full-mouth implant rehabilitation: Esthetics, Vertical Dimension of Occlusion, Jaw and Skeletal Relationships, and Occlusion  

  • Demonstrate techniques for diagnosing and planning changes to VDO and jaw relationships  

  • Understand the principles of facial and smile esthetic design  

  • Describe the techniques for both digital and analog impressions related to both removable and fixed provisional and definitive prostheses  

  • Explain post-delivery preventative and maintenance care required for long-term success  


Laboratory Materials and Practice Management 

  • Be able to effectively communicate expectations and proper material selection with dental laboratories using descriptions, photos, and videos  

  • Understand conventional and digital techniques, equipment, and materials required for the dental laboratory to provide full-mouth implant prostheses  

  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and concepts of emotional intelligence for understanding patient’s needs, desires, and goals  

  • Describe and demonstrate key factors to be used in providing ethical full-mouth rehabilitation, including informed consent, providing options with risks and benefits, and patient autonomy to choose the best option regardless of financial ability  

  • Understand what the Standard of Care is regarding all procedures for full-mouth implant rehabilitation  

3 on 6 Course Contact


There are no required prerequisites but we recommend taking the Surgical Essentials course if you don't already have a solid surgical and restorative foundation. These skills are critical to success in the process but will not be covered in detail in the course:

  1. Proficiency in atraumatic surgical extractions

  2. Socket preservation/bone grafting techniques

  3. Implant placement (ideally some guided and many freehand)

  4. Suturing techniques

  5. Creating ideal dentures using a wax rim

*There are no licensing or insurance requirements for doctors to practice dentistry during training.


What's Included

  • 32 CE hours

  • 3 on 6™ Manual

  • Instruction and hands-on training, including live surgeries

  • Training for the doctor and their lead assistant

  • For some Full Arch Rehabilitation: 3 on 6™ trainings we are able to offer a complimentary BioHorizons Universal Surgical Kit and Guided Surgical Kit (a $9,500+ value)

  • Snacks and beverages are provided during training hours as well as lunch each day



Logan Locke, DDS

Dr. Locke graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah with a degree in finance. He was then accepted into the prestigious Regional Dental Education Program and attended Creighton Dental School on scholarship. Dr Locke has extensive dental implant and 3 on 6 experience. Dr. Locke is the Director of the Smile Systems Institute and is dedicated to facilitating the teaching of excellent, evidence-based courses and improving outcomes for doctors around the country. Dr Locke is also involved in teaching many of the courses provided at the Institute.


Randy Roberts, DDS

Dr. Roberts is the Chief Dental Officer for Smile Systems. He graduated Doctor of Dental Surgery from New York University College of Dentistry. He received his Bachelors degree in Integrated Studies of Biology and Business from Utah Valley University. He founded Utah Smile Clinic and subsequently Smile Systems. 

Dr. Roberts pioneered the industry changing 3 on 6™ full mouth restoration procedure. His experience with implant restorations is extensive. As the head of Research and Development for Smile Systems, he is constantly working on and perfecting his craft, with the intention of improving outcomes, and decreasing the cost and time investment for doctors and patients to receive treatment. 


Micah Weisenberg, DDS

Dr. Weisenberg graduated with a Bachelors from Towson University's Molecular Biology, Biochemsitry, and Bioinformatics program with additional minors in Chemistry and Business. He later graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Dentistry with a patent in dental technology.


Dr. Weisenberg is passionate about connecting with his patients and getting them the results they are looking for. To accomplish this, he has undergone advanced training in cosmetic dentistry, implants, full mouth reconstructions, occlusion, gum grafts, bone grafts, and sinus augmentations. Dr. Weisenberg continues to train with the best dentists in the industry to stay on the cutting edge. He has published articles on dentistry and is an educator with the Smile Systems Institute where he teaches surgical and restorative procedures for full mouth reconstructions.

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