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Phundid is a no-fee to provider system that allows dental providers to in-house finance their dental work, but outsource the collections. Phundid covers its expenses by charging an interest rate commensurate with the patients credit score and ability to pay, and all principal is paid to the provider. Payments are reported to the credit bureaus, affecting the credit score of the patient.​



Phundid will make suggested payment terms based on the patient's credit score and other indicators. The dental provider maintains full control of whether to approve or decline treatment, and can customize any terms to further limit their risk, such as delaying treatment until a certain level of of payment has been received.​ Even patients with bad credit can get approved for financing, though the terms will be balanced to offset the additional risk.


If the patient accepts the terms that were set by the provider through Phundid, the patient will begin making payments to Phundid. Once the payment threshold has been met, Phundid will inform the provider and supply a report of payment history. The provider can then feel comfortable scheduling treatment for the patient.

In the case that the provider doesn't feel comfortable with the frequency of the payments, the provider can decide to not accept the risk and the patient will be refunded the amount paid to date.


It can be really disappointing having a patient who needs major dental treatment walk out your door because they don't qualify for financing. Since you decide on terms you're comfortable with, you can tell every single patient, “You qualify for financing!” It is then up to the patient if they want to accept the terms of the financing offered them.


Additionally, by leaving difficult collections conversations to a third-party, dental providers and patients can maintain amicable relationships, and focus on providing excellent treatment. Phundid will handle any difficult conversations regarding payments and financing that need to be had.

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