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Smile Systems Dental Studio

One of the keys to providing affordable full mouth options to your patients is access to a quality and cost effective lab. Licensed 3 on 6™ providers have exclusive access to the Smile Systems Dental Studio which is a full-service dental lab that specializes in the 3 on 6™.


As a key part of research and development for the 3 on 6™, our lab is at the forefront of digital lab technology. This, coupled with our scale of production, allows us to be more efficient and offer products that are superior in quality while also staying less expensive than industry averages. In addition to the 3 on 6™, our lab offers an array of services including wax rims, interim dentures, crowns, retainers, clear aligners, surgical guides, and more. 



With the 3 on 6™ procedure, from records, to surgery, to provisionals, to finals; our lab makes the process easier for our licensed providers. We provide tools to help you know exactly what to provide the lab in every scenario. A custom SmileGuide surgical guide for ideal 3 on 6™ implant placement is provided for every case. We prep abutments that allow for ideal path of draw, and we design ideal bridges for each patient. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for our doctors, and to reduce chair time. 

Our 3 on 6™ processes have been fine-tuned over time as we've developed and perfected each step in the collaboration between the lab and doctors. Our experience working with doctors has also helped us understand which processes work best and most efficiently for them, which scanners are easiest to use, which radio-opaque markers to use on different surfaces, etc. We use all of our experience to help you streamline your processes. 


Our large arrays of 3D printers, milling units, sintering units, and other key equipment allows our lab to manufacture quality products with high volume capacity. We work diligently to provide consistent and on-time delivery of your cases, and to ensure your assistants have easy access to user-friendly references on exactly what to provide to the lab the first time to avoid any delays. 


Key to the goal of achieving success in your clinic is creating happy patients. The results our doctors have been able to achieve in partnership with our lab leads to tears of joy and appreciation and have changed many lives. Our many years of experience allow us to achieve beautifully natural esthetics combined with strength and durability.  




Brett Roberts
Chief Lab Officer

Brett Roberts started with a background in technology and digital art. He created online applications and technologies as well as digital media products. Brett's transition into dental lab work was natural with his skills in digital design and technology. His unique skillset helped Smile Systems establish one of the most advanced digital dental labs in the country. Brett pioneered new workflows and methodologies, even working with large dental imaging companies to develop features that would streamline our processes.

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