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Surgical Essentials


Course Description

This 32 CE hour course is designed to get you proficient in providing dental implants and all related surgical procedures, including bone grafting, extractions. The course includes lectures, group discussions, treatment planning, hands-on activities, hands-on surgeries, and a recreational event. 


The course cost is $6,000. There are no refunds. If you have a scheduling conflict we can reschedule you for a future training.

Course Objectives

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning 

  • Understand and be able to properly diagnose and treatment plan dental implant cases 

  • Demonstrate ability to provide intraoral and extraoral clinical and radiographic examinations  

  • Understand Cone Beam CT images for single implant placement 

  • Comprehend the various patient, environmental, medical, and prescription medication factors that affect short- and long-term success with implants  

Surgical Concepts for Success 

  • Review and be able to describe all the instruments and materials required for successful tooth and bone management  

  • Explain considerations of implant osseointegration 

  • Properly provide soft and hard tissue grafting, using PRF, and biologic materials for long-term success  

  • Be able to explain and demonstrate proper suturing and post-op management of healing and potential complications  

  • Be able to demonstrate proper technique for atraumatic surgical extractions 

  • Be able to explain and demonstrate proper socket preservation/bone grafting techniques 

Laboratory Materials and Practice Management 

  • Be able to effectively communicate expectations and proper material selection with dental laboratories 

  • Describe and demonstrate key factors to be used in providing ethical dental implant treatment, including informed consent, providing options with risks and benefits, and patient autonomy to choose the best option regardless of financial ability  

  • Understand what the Standard of Care is regarding all procedures for dental implants 

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There are no required prerequisites for this course. All doctors must be licensed and insured in Utah to practice on a live patient. 


What's Included

  • 32 CE hours 

  • Surgical Essentials Training Manual 

  • Snacks and beverages are provided during training hours as well as lunch each day



Logan Locke, DDS

Dr. Locke is the Director of Smile Systems Institute and has been doing full mouth rehabilitation for over 7 years. He practices dentistry today at Smile Clinic in Midvale, Utah. Dr. Locke's years of experience with multiple All-on-4 systems and subsequent transition to almost exclusive 3 on 6™ treatment make him uniquely qualified to work with doctors from varying backgrounds.


Randy Roberts, DDS

Dr. Roberts is the founder of Smile Clinic and developed the 3 on 6™ treatment concept in 2012. He practices at Smile Clinic in Midvale, Utah, exclusively treating patients in need of full mouth restorations. Dr. Roberts is the Chief Research Officer of Smile Systems and works with Smile Systems Dental Studio in developing and perfecting techniques in relation to 3 on 6™ restorative treatment.

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