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Learn full-mouth rehabilitation using the 3 on 6™ treatment concept and let us fill your schedule! Make more and see fewer patients.

Happy Patients.
Happier Docs.

Imagine getting tear-filled hugs every time you finish a case, and working less! Our training, marketing, and support services ensure that each 3 on 6™ provider is equipped for success.

We don't just teach,
we transform.

Smile Systems isn't just another CE course with long lectures that don't end up improving your office or life as a dentist. Our aim is to fundamentally transform you into a full-mouth rehabilitation specialist.

Beyond our training program, we offer exclusive access to the only 3 on 6™ dental lab in the country. We also have marketing services available and will find you patients in need of full mouth restorative dental treatment. Finally, we provide ongoing support to make sure you are competent and confident to tackle each case you take on.

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