The 3 on 6™ is the better alternative to dentures. It is permanent, beautiful, comfortable and requires little maintenance.


What is the 3 on 6

The 3 on 6 got its name because of its use of three separate bridges seated onto six implants to create a full arch in the mouth. This new method for a permanent full mouth restoration solves a lot of the problems associated with other full mouth restorations options such as dentures and the popular All-on-X.

Dentures are simply the cheapest option on the market, but aren’t comfortable, and don’t promote good oral health. The All-on-X was invented to be a cost saving method for those needing full arch restoration, but not able to afford a full mouth of implants.


As time has passed, costs have lowered and processes have improved, yet the cost of full mouth implant restorations seemed to only increase making it further out of the reach of most Americans.

The 3 on 6 provides a more affordable and more hygienic option for edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients.


“My patients love the 3 on 6. I can’t tell you how many times someone breaks down in tears in the dental chair or sends me a thank you card in the mail. It’s been very rewarding.”

– Dr. David Brooks, DMD


Dr. Randy Roberts of Utah could see the frustration first hand on patient’s faces when they realized they were doomed to choose between life with a denture or a mountain of debt. Unsatisfied with the drawbacks and costs of current full mouth restoration options, Dr. Roberts researched and worked to find a solution that would be permanent and affordable.


After many months of fine tuning, Dr. Roberts realized that he had created a solution that was more comfortable, functional, hygienic, and more affordable than the other leading options. He presented his proposed treatment to some of his discouraged patients and offered to attempt a new procedure in which three bridges were placed directly onto six implants with no acrylic gums. He called it, the 3 on 6.

When patients saw the results of the treatment along with the cost, the response was overwhelming. Finally someone had provided a way for them to restore their teeth in a way that would be permanent and cost effective. There are millions of people needing full mouth restorations who are looking for a better and more affordable alternative to what is being offered. The 3 on 6 procedure is that alternative.

“Patients are loving it. It’s basically a brand new chance that they can have with a brand new smile,  and it changes their life.”
– Dr. Anne Nguyen, DMD



The 3 on 6 is easily and completely cleansable by the patient without removal for cleanings. Most patients use standard brushing and flossing and we recommend using a water flosser as well. Proper hygiene instruction is essential to the longevity of the restorations. We recommend your patients return to your office every 6 months for a cleaning and maintenance to ensure the longevity of the restorations.


All of our restorations are designed by the Smile Systems in-house laboratory and made of the finest and strongest materials to ensure an esthetic and durable result. Care is taken to ensure that the size, shape, color, and alignment with the patient’s facial features creates the most beautiful smile possible.


“They’re so precise, the fitting was right on the money. The shape of the teeth the color of the teeth, the chewing, everything worked out good. Once you get your set of teeth put in, it’s like a brand new life. You’re able to eat, you’re able to smile, your confidence comes back. It’s well worth the investment!”

Todd B.

3 on 6 Patient



All of our implants are placed using a Smile Systems surgical guide, which uses the most advanced cone beam and digital planning software available. Placing the implants with the final restorations pre-planned helps assure that implants are placed in the ideal location for the long term health of the implant. We believe that having the same doctor place both the implants and the restorations increases the likelihood of success, as the location of the implants greatly affects the restoration process.


The large volume of 3 on 6 restorations performed by our offices coupled with best-in-industry technology enables you to offer superior solutions at lower prices. This opens up the possibility of permanent smile restoration to an enormous population to whom it was previously financially out of reach. In addition, the use of a specialized laboratory that focuses on 3 on 6 restorations saves you and your patients valuable time and money with each restoration.


“My confidence is back, I smile, I can eat whatever I want, I can go out to dinner. After I first got them in my first meal was a steak and that was the best tasting steak I’ve ever eaten in my life. My daughter is extremely jealous of my smile now, she says, ‘Your teeth are whiter than mine, that’s not fair dad!’”

Barney M.

3 on 6 Patient

The 3 on 6 design allows the bridges to sit against the gums of the patient, like natural teeth. There is no artificial gum, and therefore a lot less artificial bulk in the mouth. Most patients are shocked at how their diet improves after they receive their 3 on 6 smile as they are able to eat foods they previously avoided. Unlike dentures and the All-on-X, the 3 on 6 feels more like natural teeth to the patient. Speech also feels natural as there is no bulky acrylic in their newly restored smile.


Becoming a 3 on 6 Provider

Becoming a licensed partner of Smile Systems and certified in the 3 on 6 allows dentists to focus their time and efforts on fewer cases and generate more revenue. Many dentists who become 3 on 6 certified transition in a short time from providing general care, to exclusively providing implants and full mouth restorations. Licensed 3 on 6 providers find themselves with greater job satisfaction on top of a substantial increase in their personal income.


The job of a dentist can sometimes feel monotonous and busy. Ask any 3 on 6 provider and they’ll tell you that the joy and satisfaction in providing brand new smiles to patients is extremely high. It is very gratifying when you are able to help turn someone’s life around because of the new smile you give them. It is not uncommon for patient’s to break into tears of happiness when they see their new smile for the first time. As a 3 on 6 licensed provider, you can feel good knowing you are making a real difference in many people’s lives.



According to the CDC, over 19% of adults aged 65 and older were edentulous in 2011-2012. That means nearly 60 million people in the U.S. are without teeth as of 2012. Almost all adults ages 65 and older (96%) had some level of tooth decay. In addition, as awareness of affordable permanent restoration options such as the 3 on 6 increases, a greater percentage of people will opt for a permanent solution as opposed to standard dentures.


The most obvious reason why dentists decide to become licensed with the 3 on 6 is that it makes sense financially. We have seen that within 4 months of becoming a 3 on 6 Certified Provider, offices are on average generating over $80,000 in 3 on 6 related revenues per month. This equates to over $2,000 per hour chair time revenue for the doctor, and a multiple times return on investment in the first year.

“Within 60 days after opening our doors we had collected nearly a hundred thousand dollars in revenue, and I never had to think twice about advertising. It’s nice to just know I’ll always have a full schedule.”
– Dr. Jeremy Sant, DDS


We took four of the most recently opened 3 on 6 offices and compiled the data of their 3 on 6 revenues over the first 4 months of the offices opening. In the first month of operation the offices collectively averaged $15,000 of new 3 on 6 revenue and by month four the offices were collectively averaging $88,000 in new 3 on 6 revenue.


The office operating schedule can also have a significant effect on the revenues. The first three offices in this data set were open four days a week while the fourth office was only open 2 days a week (the dentist was fulfilling a commitment to his previous employer). While the limited availability of the fourth office certainly had an affect on its revenue, it’s worth noting that the office was still able to generate nearly $75,000 in 3 on 6 revenue by the fourth month in spite of the schedule limitations.


Benefits for Licensed Providers

Over many years, we’ve been perfecting the entire process of providing 3 on 6 treatment to patients. Every 3 on 6 licensed provider receives access to this proven process. These services include training, marketing, lab services, and support.


Medical training is provided during a one week on-site training for the dentist at our training facility in Utah. This includes in-class instruction as well as hands on training with actual patients to ensure that you are comfortable and confident in your abilities. Our training is CE certified and every doctor who completes the training will receive a 3 on 6 certificate. The confidence and competence of the providing doctor are extremely important to the success of the program, and we’ll ensure your training will provide you the skills to succeed.


Apart from the medical expertise of the doctor, it is important that the office staff understands and implements proven methods that increase treatment acceptance by qualified applicants. It can be intimidating for an office manager to start offering treatment plans for tens of thousands of dollars. The presentation of treatment plans is an essential element for success. Our training will ensure that your staff are capable of presenting treatment plans confidently and resolve concerns in a way that will help patients commit to and feel confident about their 3 on 6 treatment. In addition, we have produced videos and print materials that help ensure a convincing and professional presentation.



One of the keys to providing affordable full mouth options to your patients is your ability to get quality and cost effective lab. As a licensed 3 on 6 provider, you have exclusive access to our Smile Systems laboratory which specializes in the 3 on 6. The best-in-industry technology coupled with our scale of production allows us to be more efficient and offer lab work that is superior in quality and less expensive than industry averages. A custom SmileGuide surgical guide for perfect implant placement will be provided for every case, making your job as a doctor that much easier. A thorough, step-by-step training of our impressions system by our lab professionals will ensure that they get good data, which will provide your office with perfect restorations for your patients.



Our goal is to make providing 3 on 6’s your full time job. It doesn’t matter how much you know or how impressive your office is, you won’t be successful if you don’t have patients. After years of managing the advertising campaigns for our 3 on 6 offices we have built systems and processes to get qualified patients in the door.


It starts with the marketing department which manages strategic paid ads designed to generate interest and leads. Our call center fields the calls and messages and convert those inquiries into quality consultations. The consultations are integrated into your practice management software and you can go into the office each day knowing you will have a full schedule of treatment and consultations. While your on-site staff are busy taking care of your patients and other aspects of running the office, we are in the background making sure you have a steady stream of new patients eager to receive treatment.



Our success is directly tied to your success. We provide ongoing medical and office support on an as-needed basis. If you have questions about treatment, we are only a phone call away. If your office manager is having a hard time getting patients to accept treatment, we can get them connected to our marketing department. We want to make sure you have all the tools to be successful and that you know you always have us in your corner. We are committed to your continued success and will always be available for front office or medical questions, or even for on-site visits as needed.

When you become a licensed provider you become part of our team. As such, you are invited to attend our annual Smile Systems Summit. This event provides a unique opportunity to meet other 3 on 6 providers, discover what other offices are doing to have success, improve your skills and methods, and other benefits. In addition to the education and training, we make sure there is plenty of recreational time and activities planned to make it an enjoyable and edifying event.


3 on 6 Results


Watch the emotional reactions from real 3 on 6 patients