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LabStar Case Submission Instructions

Smile Systems LabStar Portal:


  1. Sign in (a login will be created for you by the lab)

  2. Click on “Case Entry”

  3. Select doctor

  4. Enter patient name

  5. Select case category from pull-down menu (3on6/4on8, Implant, Crown, Bridge, Removable, Ortho)

  6. Choose tooth number/arch(es) from pull-down menu

  7. Select item from pull-down menu

  8. Select shade

  9. Enter any case notes into the “Instructions” field. Please be descriptive. List everything that was provided, including scans, bite rims that are being shipped, whether the doctor wants to open the bite digitally, etc. If not obvious, please include the purpose of each item: “bridge scan is to be used to fix the bite.”

  10. Click on the “+” attachments button to attach any required files including tissue scans (stl files), CBCT scans (must be a single file or zipped file if several files), patient photos, etc.

  11. If you need to zip files you can right click on the folder in Windows, hover over “Send to”, then select “compressed zipped folder”.

  12. If it’s a 3 on 6 change case there is a change form for you to fill out and attach to the case. Attaching a photo of the form is fine.

  13. The resulting DUE DATE shown is the day your case is scheduled to arrive by end of day. Your case will ship via 2-day UPS. We suggest allowing for uncommon, but possible UPS shipping delays when scheduling patients that cannot be easily rescheduled.

  14. If entering several cases in one day that have different appointment dates, we request that you enter the appointment date so as not to overload the lab with a single due date. This allows the lab to prioritize your cases based on appointment date, and ship accordingly. You can plan on your cases arriving at least a couple of days before the appointment if an appointment date is entered that allows delivery after the due date.

  15. Click on the “New Item” button to add supplementary items that don’t require manufacturing, such as implants and abutments that should be included with the case. Implants should be added to the surgical guide case. Abutments should be added to the immediate temps case.


We ask that a separate case be entered for each item that requires manufacturing (which is most everything except implants and abutments), even if it’s for the same patient, as each item has it’s own manufacturing process and completion tracking. This way each item is given it’s own case pan, process, and manufacturing schedule. In addition, if they are entered into the same case the system may stack the manufacturing times, thus delaying the due date. For example, for a surgery appointment the surgical guide should be entered in one case, and the immediate temps in another.



Custom Surgical Guides (not 3 on 6 or 4 on 8) have a unique case entry process in order to adapt to LabStar’s ability to price items. There is one charge for the guide, and a separate charge for each site. Therefor you must first add “Custom Surgical Guide Step 1”, then click on the “New Item” button and add “Custom Surgical Guide Step 2” and select the implant tooth location(s)

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