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At 4-month appointment - 3.2 Patient has immediate denture(s)

Before this appointment you should have made sure you have enough 8mm and 11mm scan bodies available.

You're going to need to completely secure scan bodies into each implant and get intraoral scans. If doing 2 arches you can do each arch separately. Please use only 8mm scan bodies. If the implant is too deep, and a 11mm scan body is required, then you will need to notify the lab of which location(s) the 11mm was needed. For accurate implant depth the lab must know the size of the scan body. The lab will assume each location is an 8mm scan body unless otherwise specified.

Once completed we will need to establish the bite. You will need to request wax rims from the lab using your scan body scans, which will also later be used by the lab to create models, plan and place abutments, and plan bridges. If the patient is from out of state you can create your own wax rims.

Enter a request for wax rims into LabStar. At the wax rim appointment you'll want to enter a request for bridges into LabStar, but understand that the manufacturing time won't start until the lab receives your wax rims in the mail, so plan appointments accordingly.

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